A London that’s fairer, cleaner and safer

These are some of my priorities – and I’d really like to hear about yours – but my fundamental test for any policy is ‘Does it help build the best city for a child to grow up in?  To underpin this I have three key policy strands:

1) Fairer

A thriving economy from which everyone benefits

  • Promote the Real Living Wage (£10.55) particularly in town centres like St Nicholas and in the upcoming Westfield Centre
  • Expand Croydon’s ‘Good Employer’ charter to Sutton
  • Work with local businesses and colleges to promote apprenticeships and vocational education and training
  • Reach out to 100 leading green and sustainable business, invite them to come and visit Croydon and Sutton and get them to do business here
  • Investment plans to support diverse local high streets – lobby the GLA for investment with an outer London town centres investment fund to support local communities and help their identities to thrive
  • Support and encourage the growth of local business associations
  • Continue to support food banks in their vital role tackling food poverty while working to eradicate it at source

A transport infrastructure that works for all: I will campaign to

  • Extend the Overground to Sutton from West Croydon, with a ‘Croydon extension’ to Crystal Palace and Sutton
  • Bring Govia Thameslink Railway services into public, community and employee ownership
  • Bring Southern metro services into TfL control with genuine stakes for employees and passengers
  • Cap Oyster costs at a level of c.£8 for travel in Zones 2-6
  • Extend the requirement for £1.50 off-peak fares in outer London to non-TfL national rail services geographically situated within zones
  • Improve step-free access to platforms across stations in Croydon and Sutton: Norwood Junction, West Croydon, Waddon, Reedham, Carshalton Beeches, Wallington and any other areas in need
  • Improve bus services to our hospitals:
    • Direct services to Croydon University Hospital from Addiscombe, Woodside, Selhurst, South Norwood and Upper Norwood
    • Improved services to St Helier from Sutton, and from Sutton town centre to Royal Marsden Hospital

Homes for people, not profit

  • Support our vulnerable people by giving them access to safe and secure housing by adopting a ‘Housing First’ approach to homelessness
  • Support Croydon’s new renters’ union and campaign for rent controls on private landlords
  • Build new council housing as a priority and campaign for this to be delivered through community land trusts and co-operatives
  • Campaign for at least 50% of all new housing developments to be affordable (where ‘affordable’ rent is defined as being no more than 40% of the open market rate)
  • Ensure there is no loss of either social or council housing capacity during redevelopments
  • Increase taxation on unoccupied homes which are being used purely as assets

Decision-making that puts people in charge 

  • More devolved powers for the Mayor and Greater London Assembly: we need greater powers across the board to properly implement radical local economics. This means more power over tax-raising, skills and training, rail services, criminal justice and health services
  • Establish a new position of Deputy Mayor for Outer London – making sure the Mayor is focused on transforming Croydon and Sutton and the outer boroughs
  • Hold annual People’s Assemblies in Croydon and Sutton to ensure we hold the Mayor, Deputy Mayors and other powerful decision-makers that influence our lives to account, and keep working to devolve powers to local communities

An NHS which is properly funded, and an end to Tory privatisation

  • I will fight for no cuts to services at St Helier hospital
  • I want to see investment in our local health services, and especially in St Helier and Croydon hospitals which need more resources in order to deliver the quality of services that people need.  I am opposed to any attempt to privatise any part of our NHS

2) Cleaner

  • Push for a truly radical and powerful Green New Deal for London

  • Consult with local people with an aim to introducing new Ultra-Low Emissions Zones for Croydon and Sutton to tackle poor air quality and incentivise electric vehicle expansion, delivered by charging the most polluting vehicles

  • Create protected cycle lanes and highways, focusing on improved access to our town centres (e.g. Barclay Road in Croydon and Brighton Road in Sutton) and green spaces

  • Create green corridors, building on the work of ‘Our Green Mile‘ to move to walking and cycling towns

  • Expand the number of drinking fountains and campaign to end single-use plastic products

  • Ensure that there is effective cross-borough scrutiny of environmental contracts, to hold council executives to account on recycling levels and incinerator emissions – scrutiny to be transparent and to involve local residents

  • Replace trees in unused tree pits, and work with communities to identify new tree sites, in particular around our schools


3) Safer

  • Support grassroots youth and community organisations by listening to their needs and connecting them to the power of the London Assembly
  • Campaign to end austerity in order to invest more in police and preventative services that families rely on. This particularly includes investing more money and resources in youth services such as Legacy
  • Work to strengthen relationships between local communities and police
  • Listen to local concerns about Stop and Search and ensure it has proper community oversight
  • Encourage diversity in police recruitment
  • Continue to support safe havens initiatives to help protect potential victims of knife crime
  • Improve and extend mental health services for people in our borough, particularly young people at risk
  • Campaign to end unnecessary school exclusions